The difference between netnography and digital ethnography

  The 24th of June 2014 Leaft Coast Press released the “Handbook of Anthropology in Business” edited by Rita Denny and Patricia Sunderland. The work is a broad coverage of theory and practice around the world that demonstrates the vibrant tensions and innovation that emerge in intersections between anthropology and business and between corporate worlds […]

Netnografia ed Etnografia Digitale: che differenza c’è?

Etnografia Digitale, differenze teoriche, metodologiche e tecniche tra etnografia digitale e netnografia.

25 years of Erasmus Identity: a netnography

In the last 25 years, a brand new collective identity has started to spread among young European students: the Erasmus Identity, grown exponentially since the famous exchange programme began in 1987. “Feeling Erasmus” became a new lifestyle characterized by well-recognizable cultural features, now embedded in a well-known symbolic imaginary. What does “Erasmus Identity” mean? Who […]

02 Novembre 2012
Massimo Airoldi